Why Camp Quality?

Life for most children is an adventure–a time of fun and excitement. But for some, life is threatened by cancer and filled with hospital visits and pain.

Camp Quality is a unique international camping program founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1983. There are now over 50 locations worldwide. Its purpose is to bring a week of fun and joy into the lives of children with cancer.

Camp Quality gives the families of these children a much needed rest, knowing that the finest program has been selected to keep their child happy and, most important, assures them that adequate medical supervision is an integral part of every camp plan.

Camp Quality provides the opportunity for children with cancer to be children again–to have fun, participate in exciting activities and make new friends who identify with their situation.

What does the camp program offer?

Activities vary according to the camp location and include swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, campfires–all of the activities of a summer camp experience.  We also offer year round family activities, spring and fall retreats, reunions, and Christmas parties.

How many children attend each camp?

This varies in each location, usually depending on how long the camp has been established, but numbers range from 25 to a little over 100.

How much does Camp Quality cost?

Absolutely nothing! Every program of Camp Quality is free of charge to the children and their families.

Who pays for Camp Quality’s Program?

Our financial support comes from the community: clubs and service organizations, businesses, churches and individuals who want to share a miracle of love and happiness. Donations come in different forms. Cash is always needed, and many businesses help by donations of goods and services.

How old are the children who attend?

Because of our unique staffing ratio of one companion for each child, we are able to take any young child who can tolerate a week away from family or hospital. Many four year olds, and even some younger, attend.

Once campers reach the age of eighteen, many elect to return as companions.

What is a companion?

A companion is someone who can help a camper find hope, courage, and happiness, not only during the week of camp, but all year round.  Companions are with the campers 24/7.  The companions are what really make Camp Quality happen.

Can siblings of cancer patients attend?

On a space available basis we are usually able to accept brothers and sisters. We know that the stress on siblings is enormous and want to help when we can.

Who provides medical care?

Volunteer doctors and nurses are at camp 24 hours a day. Each camper brings a form from his/her physician advising the medical staff of any restrictions or precautions.

Where is Camp Quality Located?

The Camp Quality Arkansas summer camp is held each year at Camp Powderfork in Bald Knob, AR.  Each year we hold a Fall Reunion, Spring Retreat, Teens Leadership Weekend, and Christmas Parties.  These year-round area activities occur at different locations around the state.