2019 Volunteer Application

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Make sure you select CENTRAL MISSOURI as your camp location. 

If you applied in 2018, you can use the same login information and will just need to update your information. 

Issues or questions contact: cmo@campqualityusa.org.

Training will be on May 19 or June 1 please plan to attend one to volunteer.

Immunization Records Requirements: 

The vaccinations required include Tdap, MMR, and Varicella. You must provide an up-to-date Tdap vaccination (a booster is required every 10 years). Proof of immunization is necessary for MMR and Varicella. If proof of immunization is unavailable, you can have titers drawn to check for antibodies. Anyone born prior to 1957 will be exempt from the MMR and Varicella requirements.

If you had these vaccinations in the past you may be able to contact your doctor’s office. Other options may include the state health department or possibly your school. If you are unable to gain assess to your vaccination records, you may be able to have titers drawn (via a blood draw) at your current doctor’s office. Boosters may still be necessary if antibody levels are too low. If proof of immunization or immunity is unavailable, you will need a booster before camp (available at doctor’s office, urgent care, some pharmacies, or health departments).

Any staff members who are unable to provide proof of immunization or immunity to Tdap, MMR, or Varicella will not be allowed to attend camp. This is a national requirement for all Camp Quality locations as we look to provide the healthiest, safest camp experience for all of our campers and volunteers.