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  Crystal Davison Executive Director



 I started volunteering with CQ GKC in 2005 as a Camp Nurse, right after becoming a Registered Nurse. This camp changed my life on day one--I was hooked, and I'm blessed to remain a part of it! Outside of camp, I'm a proud wife, mother, daughter, sister, and more -  I enjoy spending time with my husband Chris, our son Eli, who joined our family in September 2013, as well as other family and friends. I work full time as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Metropolitan Pulmonary, a specialty clinic for breathing and sleep disorders. I am passionate about serving others and thankful CQ GKC has provided me a tremendous opportunity to serve our GKC community!  


   Jordan Engel Public Relations



 I am a graduate of UMKC with my BA in teaching English to Spanish speaking children.  I also work as a substitute teacher in the Blue Springs School district.  I started volunteering in 2013 because my family has been personally affected by cancer many times over.  I joined the COC in 2015 because I wanted to do even more.  I love volunteering and giving back to the community.  I am currently volunteering for three other organizations in addition to CQ.  



   Jacinda Farmer Camper Coordinator


 I have been a volunteer since 2000.  I have one son, Hayden.  I have been in the health care field since 1988.  I work full-time at Promise Hospital of Overland Park as the medical records coordinator.  I also work part-time at John Knox Village as an in-home caregiver.  While I have had many roles here the one I love the most is camper coordinator.   My life has been truly enriched by this journey.  
                                                                                  Taylor Edgar, Volunteer Coordinator
 I was first affected by childhood cancer when I was in high school and watched as cancer took over my young 3 year old friend. Since then I have been passionate in helping these kids. This eventually led me to CQ in 2013. Because of camp, I decided to pursue a career in nursing. I could never begin to describe the impact these kids and camp have had on my life. They truly are my heroes and have changed my life in the best, most rewarding way possible. Whether as a camper, volunteer, or donor, you will never regret becoming involved with Camp Quality Greater Kansas City.  

 Rachael Greene Program Coord

 I have been a volunteer since 2014.  I have one daughter, Makenna.  I am a Nurse Practitioner, Bone Marrow Transplant at CMH.  I volunteer with camp because I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of children!  I started volunteering with kids before I was in high school and I have always worked in pediatrics as a nurse.  I think we can all learn so much from kids, especially those fighting battles harder than most of us can imagine.  I am so honored and privileged to be a part of the lives of our CQ GKC kids and their families.  "Love changes everything, so fill the world with it." - Kid President.  

Joyce Branson Family Support/Fundraising/Personnel Committee 

 I have been a volunteer since 1994, the beginning of CQ GKC.  I work nights for the State of MO helping to care for three handicap women in their homes.  During the day I also drive for Apple Bus Company.  I got married to my wonderful husband, Kenny in 1982.  We have two children, Elaine and Anthony.  I also have two grandchildren, Alec and Stanley.  The reason I volunteer is I get so much from these kids and they give me inspiration, hope and wisdom.  They have been through so much, yet they show you what life is about and they smile, live and laugh.  I have met some amazing families on this journey and it is truly a blessing to be part of this organization.  
 Kenny Branson   Family Support
 I have lived in Higginsville, MO my entire life.   I have been in the fuel business  since 1971 (long before most of you were born).  I have two children, one daughter, Elaine and one son, Anthony.  I have two grandsons named Alec and Stanley when I am not working or helping CQ GKC I am spending my time with my family.  I have been involved in CQ GKC since 2004.  I have served on the COC since 2006.  I have also been a companion to 5 different campers and have enjoyed them all!  I lost a brother to lung cancer in 1995 and can sympathize with campers who are coming to Camp Quality GKC.  I have enjoyed all aspects of CQ GKC and look forward to many more years!  
 Cathy's pic   Cathy Higdon Treasurer  
 Cathy's story  
                       Arlene Higgins Medical Coordinator  

 My name is Arlene Higgins, and I am currently the medical coordinator for Camp Quality GKC. My first year at camp was 2005 when I signed up to be a companion. I was a companion to a wonderful 5 year old boy and we are friends to this day! After I left that first year, I enrolled in college and 4 years later obtained by Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Camp Quality changed my life and I cannot imagine not being involved in this wonderful organization. It has become my family! I currently am a travel nurse, working all over the country in different surgery settings. My husband and I travel and live in a fifth wheel. We both love it. I have been companion, organizing committee secretary, camper coordinator, camp nurse, and now medical director. Camp Quality certainly becomes a part of your life, in fact last year my husband spent his first week at camp as a companion and plans to obtain his lifeguard certificate to help us out every year.  

 Loren Edgar  Personnel Committee Chair/Fundraising



I have been involved with Camp Quality Greater Kansas City since it's start in 1994. I began as a camper and eventually transitioned into a volunteer role in 2006. Camp Quality has given so much to me that I wanted to give back and make a difference in kids going through similar situations that I did. I am a trained culinary chef, but my passion is working with those kids affected by cancer. I use my story to help others with what they are experiencing. Camp Quality is my family and I am grateful to everything this family and organization is. 
     Hayden Farmer  Social Media/Website/Photographer
 I started volunteering with Camp Quality GKC when I was 10 years old helping move things to storage and coming up with fun games. I realized that Camp Quality GKC didn't really have a social media helper, so I decided to come up with the idea of having a social media person. Later I came up with the idea of having a YouTube channel. I love seeing the happy faces on children. I have a close relationship with children. With my free time I volunteer at my church, Echo Church, and I work in the Children's Ministry every Sunday. As I get older, I will be able to show up to the week long camp and do even more. Camp Quality is like another family. My real family is all around the United States. I love volunteering here at Camp Quality GKC.  
 Ashley's pic     Ashley Anderson  Personnel Committee/Fundraising
 I have been involved with Camp Quality since 2007 as a camper. I loved all 7 years of it so much, that I came back as a volunteer in 2014 and have had 2 campers of my own. Everything that this organization does throughout the week of camp to the events they provide throughout the year, speak volumes for the passion within each and every on of the volunteers. CQ isn't just about the events they throw, but about the nerve ending love and support they offer to kids and their families.