Camper Eligibility for our Summer Camp

Due to increased attendance, we have had to implement a list of those eligible to attend our summer camp. We hope that you understand our mission to provide a week of camp to those children with cancer who may not be able to attend any other type of camp.

  1. Children with a cancer diagnosis ages 4-17. 
  2. One sibling permitted per camp and may attend for 2 years. 
  3. Children who have had a diagnosis of cancer but who are in remission.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding our programs for our campers click here to e-mail Rachel Talkington our Camper Coordinator.


We have now gone paperless! Please collect all camper information prior to beginning the online application. We hope this will make things easier for you.



Our volunteers are the backbone of our camp. We greatly appreciate your help and caring hearts. Please fill out the online application. If you have questions please contact our companion coordinator. Thanks!


Camp Quality Families

Camp Q. Families are a vital part of our organization. Parents of a child with cancer can offer encouragement and inspiration to others who are fighting the same fight. They can share the highs and the lows with people who truly understand. The strength and hope of one is even more powerful when joined by the strength and hope of an entire family of supporters!

Our camping experience gives parents a much-needed rest from the stress and strain of doctor visits, therapy and treatment sessions, and the tedious distribution of medication.

Throughout the year, the entire family is included in a variety of activities, which may include overnight trips, picnics or holiday parties, just to name a few.