April - August 2015 Fundraising

Fundraiser in memory of Jason de la Garza organized by Jorge de la Garza.  Raised $2,100.00!!

Fundraiser in memory of Jason de la Garza by Allison de la Garza raised $4,705.00!!

Fundraiser - Hosted by All Seasons Pools & Outdoor Living, Orland Park, owner Doug Mayhall -- and organized by Tom Sekulski, cousin of camper Anna B.  
Raffles and customer donations raised $2,567.29!!

Fundraiser - Alsip Tag Days
June 27, organized by Penny Cecconi, with her helpers. 
June 28, headed up by Elizabeth Noreen and helpers Ashley Noreen, Jay Casey, Jenna Casey, Lisa Casey, Mary Greenan, John Greenan, Jen Stewart, Jackie Tusack, Ken Thomas.  A total of $1,596.00 was raised!!!

Fundraiser at Culver’s in Crestwood in honor of Emily Beazley raised $664.50!!

Fundraiser - Car wash organized by Michelle Carroll & Elizabeth Noreen
Helpers- Jen Stewart, Katie Stewart, Brittany Carroll, Lynne Remack, Mary Greenan, John Greenan, Jenna Casey, Kurt Felson, Jim Campian, Ashley Gustafick & Jackie Tusack. 
Hosted by Mr. Vandenberg at Vandenberg Funeral Home, Mokena with set up by Jim Lippee. Raised $780.00!!

Fundraiser -- Westmont Sports Complex in Westmont, Ill $225.00!

Fundraiser - Taylor Babec Bike Run, organized by Jennifer Babec  and Laura Petrucci at Spanky’s Bar in Dyer, Ind.,  Ride tickets, plus a silent auction, and  sale of bracelets raised $3,826.00!!

The first on-line shirt sale was a big success.  We earned $1,836.00!