Who can attend Camp Quality Kentuckiana?

Any child ages 6 to 16 who has been diagnosed with cancer, regardless of which stage of treatment or remission, can attend Camp Quality.

Is there any cost to attend Camp Quality Kentuckiana?

No. We provide a week long camping experience and year round support activities free of charge to the campers and their families. We receive our funding through the generous giving of the Kentuckiana community.

How many children attend camp?

Our camping facility has the capacity for 100 children. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and are due by May 1st. No late applications will be accepted.

Is there medical care provided during camp?

Yes. Camp Quality Kentuckiana is fully staffed with pediatric oncology nurses 24 hours a day during camp week. Each camper is required to submit a medical form from his/her physician, advising the medical staff of the camper's individual needs including medications, diets, precautions, and restrictions.

Will my child's privacy be protected at camp?

Yes. We take our responsibility as custodians of your child's privacy very seriously. All medical information will be protected as per regulations set forth by the HIPPA act. We do not use any last names while at camp to protect camper identity, and we will not release any personal or medical information to any outside agency. Each camper is required to have a release form signed by his/her parent or legal guardian prior to the publishing of any images, likenesses, or interviews in any camp materials or outside media outlets.

How do you select companions and staff members?

We rely on referrals from past campers, companions, and staff members, as well as from respected individuals in the community. New companions are interviewed face to face by a staff member and required to provide references. Each companion and staff member, regardless of position or tenure, is also screened through police background checks.

Is there any training for your companions and staff members?

Yes. Regardless of position or tenure, every companion and staff member is required to undergo a manditory training each year he/she attends camp. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. During this training, participants will learn the potential special needs required to care for children with cancer.