Camp Organizing Committee


Camp Organizing Committee/Staff

Camp Quality Kansas is comprised of a Camp Organizing Committee (COC) and staff. The COC is responsible for the internal operations of the week-long camping experience. 

Camp Quality Kansas is a 100% volunteer organization. 

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Executive Director Susie Mooney
Personnel Chair Nancy Turnage
Secretary Chris Alan
Treasurer  Pam Coley
Camper Coordinator Nancy Turnage
Volunteer Coordinator Cate McClelland
Medical Coordinator Morgan Smizer 
Health Team Shelby Cornejo
Programs Donna Alan
Photographer Danielle Becker Hayley Eboma
Crafts Megan Crosley
At Large Leanna Scheidt
At Large  Dwane Scheidt
Campground Coordinator Lee Mooney ____________
Printed Mat. Jill Ast
At Large Dr. Stephanie Kuhlmann


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