Camp Quality Kansas

Camp Quality Kansas serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, experiences, and companionship, at no cost. Camp Quality promotes hope and inspiration while helping children foster life skills and develop their full potential.

Our aim is two-fold: to give children a week of new experiences, and to give their families a break for the routine of taking care of a sick child. 


During the camping week, children experience the opportunity to be children again. Parents are reassured, knowing that their child is with a well-trained staff member.

Camp Quality has built its reputation on personalized care. Every camper is paired with a companion who is dedicated completely to the campers' care. Many difficult physical and emotional challenges face a child, and their family, when battling cancer. At Camp Quality Kansas we have developed an important type of "therapy" - Smile Therapy. With a laugh in their hearts and smiles on their faces, Camp Quality kids find themselves capable of more than they dreamed possible.

If you have a child who is interested in spending a week enjoying swimming, dancing, crafts, campfire, games, as well as lots of other activities, then Camp Quality Kansas is here to help provide just that!

Camp Quality Kansas depends solely on the community for donations & Volunteers.

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For More Information Please Contact:

Camp Quality Kansas

PO Box 781607

Wichita, KS  67278