Camp Quality Louisiana

2019 Camp Week is July 21st - July 26th

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Campers:  Children from 5 to 17 years of age who have been diagnosed with cancer and are in any stage of treatment or remission are eligible to attend Camp Quality LA. 

Siblings:  Siblings are invited on a space available basis.  Siblings of young first year campers will have priority.  We will not know if there is room for a sibling until 10 to 14 days before camp. 





Camper List

Campers do not need any money at camp.

Items NOT to bring to Camp:

Cell Phones & Pagers


Water pistols, slingshots, etc.

T-shirts with inappropriate language or alcohol or tobacco logos


Items to bring to Camp:

** We will be in Dorm like buildings with bathrooms down the hall, so you may want to
bring a tote bag or something to carry your soap, shampoo, etc. to the shower.             

Normal Toiletry/Personal Items  (Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc)

Bedding (Twin size sheets & blanket or throw/some campers like to use a sleeping bag)


Bath towels

Shower Shoes or flip flops 

Hair dryer if you use one 


T-Shirts, shorts, jeans, shoes

Campers need long pants/jeans and closed toe shoes for horseback riding


Hat or cap & sunscreen 

Medications (To be checked in with Medical Staff)


Items you may want to bring:

Flashlight may come in handy

Props/Music  for Camper Talent Show if you want to participate

Handheld video games, small games, etc (see note below)

For Horizontal/Quiet Time:  Books, cards, coloring books


** Each dorm has 8 rooms with bunk beds (2 campers & 2 companions to a room) and 2 bathrooms.  One bathroom has 2 shower stalls and 1 tub & shower combination and 2 toilet stalls.  The other bathroom has a large shower where you can sit or roll in a shower chair.


If you bring Game Boys, Camp Quality will not be responsible for them.  Please mark your name in permanent ink on games & all cartridges.  It would be helpful if you let your companion know if you have brought these items to camp.


***If a camper brings a cell phone, it will be left in the suitcase or on the shelf in their room.  Calls to and from the campers will be made on the Staff’s phones.  I will enclose a list of numbers when the bus/van schedules are sent.