***   A parent, Michelle Axton, wrote the following poem.  She told us, "If you care to share it with hesitant parents (like I was!), maybe it will give them a little peace of mind and encourage them to say yes."


It takes such special people

to run a camp like this.

A camp for kids with special needs,

there’s a lot that could be missed.

But the people that I speak of

thought of everything and more.

They make the work seem more like fun

instead of such a chore.

When the kids are first invited

Some are still quite sick.

They’re scared and yet, excited

so the parents have to pick.

To completely go against

your instincts to say, “No,

my child is still on chemo,

maybe he shouldn’t go.”

But the kids won’t miss their treatments

and they do not go alone.

Their companion is always at their side

until they head for home.

The nurses keep the meds and

dispense them right on time.

Then it’s time for fun and games

and everyone’s in line.

There’s swimming, fishing, horseback riding,

with games and crafts to do.

And when the kids get hungry,

there’s lots of food there too.

The parents may go crazy

while their child’s away from home

But the children all just have a blast

and rarely moan or groan.

It’s a wonderful experience for

kids of every age.

And the parents grow a little too,

for cancer’s not a cage

So let them go to camp to play,

to live and have some fun.

You’ll all be better for it

And then the battle is half won.

       By Michelle Axton