Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Camp Quality?

Any child, age 4-17, who has been diagnosed with cancer, and is less than five years out of treatment. Because of our healthcare team and staffing ratio of one companion for each child, we are able to take any young child who can tolerate a week away from family or hospital.

How many children attend each camp?

We aim for a maximum of sixty eight (68) children at each week-long camp. Spots are reserved when online application and required paperwork is 100% completed.

Does it cost parents anything for a child to attend Camp Quality programs?

There is no cost for children to attend any of Camp Quality’s activities. Camp Quality funds the entire expense of the week of camp and the year-round support program for each family, through continuous fundraising and generous donations.

Can siblings of cancer patients attend?

At this time, our camps are filled, and sibling applications are not being accepted.

Will the privacy of my child and family be protected by Camp Quality?

Yes! Camp Quality takes our role and duty as guardians very seriously. We never publish or give out a camper’s last name.

Who provides medical care during camp?

Volunteer doctors and/or nurses are at camp 24/7. Each camper brings a medical form from his/her physician advising the medical staff of any restrictions or precautions. Medicine is dispensed by medical personnel only, for campers and companions.

Does Camp Quality own any campgrounds?

No. We only use the campgrounds for one week at a time and do not want to maintain a campground. Each campground must provide safe and comfortable facilities that meet our program requirements and needs of our campersNorth Camp is held at Camp Living Waters located southwest of Traverse City in Luther. South Camp is held at YMCA Camp Copneconic in Fenton. Teen Camp is held on beautiful Beaver Island.

How do you find Companions and Staff for Camp Quality?

We rely on referrals from current and past companions, as well as community support and referrals. We always have a need for companions ages 18 and up who are willing to spend a week with a camper. We also have a need for medical staff, particularly those trained in oncology, pediatrics or family medicine.

Are there background checks done for all camp staff?

Yes, ALL Camp Quality staff undergo an extensive background check, face-to-face interview and mandatory training before the start of camp.

Does Camp Quality receive any government funds?

No. Our financial support comes from the community: clubs and service organizations, businesses, churches and individuals who want to share the miracle of love and happiness. Donations come in different forms. Cash donations are always appreciated, and many businesses and service organizations help by donations of goods and services. Click on Lend a Hand if you'd like to help!

What portion of the annual budget is for administrative purposes and how much do staff members get paid?

Less than 10% of the annual budget is for administrative purposes, with the remainder spent on direct support of the children through camp rentals, meals, and supplies for activities and programming.

How great is the need for funding?

The need for funding grows each year, since the number of campers at Camp Quality grows. Maintaining family activities throughout the year, along with our three week-long summer camps: Beaver Island Teen Camp, South Camp, and North Camp, is an aggressive goal. The cost of camp is approximately $800/camper. To sponsor a child for the year is $1,200. To sponor an entire family for year-round support is $2,000.