What campers are saying...

Camp Quality is a fun place where I can go where it's all about me and making new friends. Usually my family can't go to a lot of places because of my cancer, or we don't have enough money because my medical stuff is so expensive. Camp is a cool escape from all my family has been through the last four years!

I forgot about having cancer because I was having so much fun. I made lots of new friends.

This is my second time having cancer. Going through chemo again, I close up like a flower all the time at home 'cause I am nervous how people will react to me. But when I come to Camp Quality I bloom again 'cause people here are so kind.

Camp Quality Camper

What parents are saying...

Camp Quality has changed our lives. We have been stuck in this cancer battle for seven years. This camp allows them to be kids. Nobody cares if you have hair or even if you can walk. Everybody is loved.

Over the past year, my daughter has repeatedly tried to "bury" the trauma and the anxiety related to her diagnosis and treatment. Being at camp she was able to "let go" of some of this stress and anxiety. Thank you so much!

The level of individual attention, the creativity and the enthusiasm of the staff/companions sets Camp Quality apart.

Camp Quality's focus is on relationships. The companions and other leaders visit our family often on their own time. They visit us at the hospital. Words do not adequately express how helpful this has been to our child and entire family.

Camp Quality Parent


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