How can you help us?

Due to privacy laws, we are unable to obtain names from hospitals of children in treatment for cancer. If you know of any child that is between the ages of 5-18 who has cancer, and would like to become a part of the Camp Quality family, please have them contact the Camp Quality office.

Send your child to camp

During our annual summer camps, we strive to offer the finest camping program. A one-on-one companion is assigned to your child to care for their needs and to ensure they have the best time at camp. Each camp is staffed with 24-hour medical care. We know it may be difficult to let your child "sleep away from home" for a week, but be assured, your child will create many memories and be well taken care of while at Camp Quality.

There is no cost to the child with cancer, or their immediate family for any Camp Quality activities.

There is limited space at each camp, please submit your application as early as possible.

Click here to see a wonderful video filmed at Camp.