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Here's some of the experiences our family has shared:

- First Time Camper's Mom -  I wanted you to know what a terrific time my daughter had and thank you for allowing them to come. I especially want to thank the nurses.  You did an excellent job in pairing the campers and companions. We got together the week before camp to have lunch and that was EXTREMELY comforting to me, to be able to meet them and know them a little bit was great. You did an outstanding job putting all of this together. My daughter plans on coming back next year and hopefully her companion will too! We look forward to more CQ events in the future! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

- Therapy Dogs Coordinator - Just a quick note to thank you for letting our Therapy Dogs be part of CQ. It was a VERY special afternoon for all who participated. We felt privileged to be a small part of such a worthwhile experience. The children, and their companions, were really fun to be with. I'm not sure who had the most fun, the dogs and their owners, or the kids. The squeals of laughter from the campers as the dogs snuggled and loved them was an awesome sound. It was a life altering experience for many.

- Parent of returning camper - My son had an AWESOME 2nd year at is really the only thing he looks forwad to all year long. He has been able to make so many new friends. After hearing about his week, I want to thank you for pairing him up with, what I feel, was a PERFECT companion. Not only did he do things he would NEVER mountain biking..he and his companion did that and much more!  You chose a great cabin to put them in..they had a riot!! He also climbed the rock wall..something he is afraid of but with the encouragement from his companion and the other campers/companions, he did it and he was really proud of himself. He is not one for heights, never has been, but he climbed that wall..maybe the high ropes next year! Thank you for providing my won with a wonderful week! He really looks forward to seeing everyone and Camp Quality has really changed my son in so many ways. Camp Quality provided him the opportunity to have fun acting and being a kid. My son is looking forward to transitioning from a camper to a companion..that goes to show you how much he respects CQ and how he wants to stay a part of this wonderful family. I have offered my son the opportunity to go other camps but he always says no because they not be the same as really do pout QUALITY into Camp Quality in my opinion.

- Parent of first time camper - What a day for the parents and what a week for our daughter. We sat today watching the slide show of the weeks activities at Camp Quality and were overcome with emotion.  Many campers had disabilities due to cancer, but this week Camp Quality staff made it truly possible for these kids with cancer to be kids again. The love that was in the recap gathering was overwhelming. I think my daughter tried every activity possible - horseback riding, zip line, treetop rope course to name a few.  They had a great time dressing up, getting makeovers, and getting airbrushed tattoos. A huge THANK YOU goes out to the whole camp staff that made this week an unforgettable experience. God Bless each of you for your energy and time invested in these kids lives.

- Former camper - It's been a long time now since I've been involved with Camp Quality but it's still very much a part of me. I was at the very first camp in Northern Michigan at Park of the Pines back in 1987. I feel very fortunate to be here and I know there is a purpose for my life. I remember how magical camp could be to a seven year old child. Please put me on your mailing list and I am hoping to help out in any way possible next August at camp--Jennifer B.

- Parent after Heritage Weekend - Eleanor, thank you to you and your staff for such a wonderful weekend. The kids had a ball swimming. And it was so nice because it was so close to home for us and with our son being in treatment, that was also reassuring. It is so wonderful that God had called you to do this work, because it is so appreciated by this family that has been through so much (as well as many other families too). Thanks again.

- Parent of returning camper:  "I can't think of anything that needs improving--as far as we are concerned it is an amazing experience for our son, consistently, year after year. Except PLEASE don't retire, Eleanor! To us, YOU are Camp Quality!"

- Parent - "I sent my six year old daughter to Camp Quality. This was our first experience with the Camp Quality Family.  My daughter had the absolute best time!  She has been in contact with her companion, who was awesome, as well as some fellow campers. I want to thank you so much for this opportunity. This was the first time she was away from me and it was so difficult, but a day hasn't gone by that she hasn't mentioned something that happened at camp. This is not something that she is ever going to forget. Thank you!

- Parent of Camper - "We just want to thank everyone for all you have done and continue to do. This is a truly excellent program for these kids who otherwise may not attend camp because of their conditions."

 - Parent of Camper - I'd like to express my complete gratitude for the week you gave my child at Camp Quality. I have to admit, at first, I was nervous to send him, as he has never been far away from me for that length of time. I thought for sure I'd get a call saying "I want to come home." After the second night without a call, I knew my child must be having a good time!  He made a lot of new friends, experienced many new things he has never been able to -at Camp Quality. I know these memories will last a lifetime for him!


Comments for our Campers/Parents

When our son went to Camp Quality this summer, he was paired up 1:1 with a companion to share the week with.  He and his companion hit it off very very well.  When I came at the end of the wk to pick him up, I wasn't sure he was ready to come home.  It was obvious that he and his companion shared a very special bond.  It is obvious GOD brought these two together.  Since Camp we've kept in touch and spent time together, and we all get along seamlessly.  They truly feel like family. Note from a Parent.

Awesome weekend thanks to Camp Quality and all your helpers.  We can't thank you enough for the opportunity you gave our family which we would never have done without you!  Thank you for the hospitality room and food you provided.  It was also a nice opportunity to meet some of the other families.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  From a family who attended Camp Quality Michigans Hertiage Weekend

"We are glad to hear that Camp Quality is only changing the VENUE for the Summer Beautiful as Camp Dagget was, it pales in comparison to the beautiful volunteers who love our children like their own..." Note from a Parent of a Returning Camper

I just wanted to thank you for the great weekend that was provided.  Our family had a great time at challenge mountain. - Note from a Mom whos family attended the Snow Weekend

Thank youNancy and Eleanor for another unbelievable opportunity for Katie. I can't stop bragging about how much you love these kids.  I WILL be helping out at your camps, before long, I want to be part of what you have created, and the genuine love that you shower our children with. Always Appreciative, Chip - Note from a returning Camper - Parent

I am so glad I found Camp Quality!  My daughter and I showed up our first year and were hooked!  This year my niece joined us as a volunteer.  Next year I am hoping my brother and brother-in-law will volunteer to be companions, they would be great for it!  I know you never want to have to turn a child away.  --Note from Staff Member

Thank you so very much for the family getaway you provided at Kalahari.  We had so much fun and were so grateful for the much needed break.  We appreciate you including our family and will never forget your kindness.--Note from family that attended a Heritage Weekend.

Cost of Camp   Cost of the cancer that brought us to Camp Quality...Over a million.  Cost of seeing a cancer patient be this happy....priceless.--From first time Camper Parent.

To the entire group from Camp, companions and staff members.  Thanks for making this week the best ever!  Everyone is so kind and loving.  I don't believe you can find a better camp than Camp Quality. Again, thank you for including me in this wonderful experience. Let's beat cancer forever!--Note from first time staff member 2009.

We appreciate everything that Camp Quality has done for our family. Everyone is so supportive and wonderful. Everyone is so friendly.--Parent of returning Camper

The staff are a God send.  We look forward to all the activities Camp Quality provdes throughout the year.  There is a light at the end of the cancer tunnel---and it's Camp Quality!  You are all awesome, dedicated people that make us happy to be with you all.--Parent of first time Camper.

We love what you do for our son.  He really enjoys being involved with Camp Quality.--Parent of returning Camper.

The camp was very well organized, clean, and ran efficiently. Everyone was helpful, friendly and caring.--Parent of first time Camper.

Camp Quality gives us all the chance to feel like we are "normal" being around families who have gone through the same things and most of all gives my child some independence and for her to know she's not alone.  Thank you so much for giving her the best week of her life.--Parent of returning Camper

The camp brings together children in all phases of this deadly disease and gives them hope, recory, and a connection that they are very special survivors.-Parent of returning camper

THANK YOU!  I think it was harder for me to leave her.  She has changed--for the better.  Very independent right now.  Talks about the other kids and wishes she could make them all happy.--Parent of first time Camper.