So…you are considering being a Camp Quality New Jersey Volunteer?


You are AWESOME!!

CAMP RULES to consider these when you e-sign the online application

At your personal interview, you will be asked to read through and initial the rules of Camp Quality USA, Inc. The following are some of those rules.

I understand and agree that:

  • I may not discuss alternative medicine with any child at camp.
  • Medical Staff ONLY must administer all medicine for campers, including such things as removal of splinters, treatment of minor cuts, headache tablets, etc.!!!
  • I understand and agree I will not bring tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs to camp.
  • I agree not to press any particular health food
  • Caring for a large group of children with cancer is, in itself, stressful. The only way to relieve some of this stress is to ensure every companion assigned to care for a child, fully understands the demands of their role. The safety and happiness of the camper ALWAYS COMES FIRST! If I am assigned as a companion, I fully understand that if I do not care for my camper as instructed, I will be asked to leave camp.
  • I understand that no expression of religion may be initiated or promoted by camp staff.
  • Even though rest periods are rarely popular with the youth, I agree to observe horizontal rest periods.
  • Any and all equipment I bring to camp is entirely my responsibility. If necessary, I will ensure adequate insurance coverage for loss or damage, which may occur at camp.
  • I understand that specific personnel have been assigned to handle media coverage. I will not contact the media, nor release any names, photographs, or articles without first securing written permission of the camp director. 
  • I understand that I may not bring any of my own children under 18 years to camp.
  • I understand that I must attend a Staff Training Workshop before I can be assigned a staff position.
  •  I agree to attend the orientation meeting held at the campground prior to the start of camp. (You will be notified of dates and times.)


If you need assistance, please contact Marian Lustig: