Testimonial from Tammy P (Mother to Camper Garrett P.):

What does camp quality mean to our family? That is not an easy question to answer. This camp has affected our family in several ways; not only touching our youngest son Garrett who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of four, but also our two oldest, Blake and Jordan, who have volunteere

Garrett first went to Camp Quality when he was 9 years old.  He was very excited because this was the first time he had got to do something like this.   Also it was the first time away from mom and dad and now he was gone for a week.  By the time he went he was complete with all his chemotherapy.   He had such a great time.  He met a lot of new friends and they all had something very special in common; they were all kids with life threatening illnesses.   Garrett really liked hanging out with all the kids and loved his companion.  He went fishing, swimming, learned how to shoot bow and arrow, crafts and he said his favorite thing was teepeeing neighboring cabins.

When he got home we knew his companion did a great job because he thought we should cater to his every desire.  He told us how his companion was with him and how much fun they had.  We got a chance to meet and hang out with some of the campers and his companion when we went to Worlds of Fun for a reunion.  He thought it was so cool to get to see everyone again.  He couldn’t wait till the following summer to get back to do it again.

As the years have passed it is very exciting to see all the campers and their families at the bus pickup.  He still talks about it as the time comes for him to go.  He plans his summer around camp.  He now has got our two oldest involved.  This will be Blake’s third summer; he has worked as a lifeguard for the first two years and this summer he will be a companion.  Our daughter, Jordan, worked last summer as a lifeguard and will be back again this summer.  She really is looking forward to being a companion as well.

So why does our family love this camp so much?  Families with children who have life threatening illnesses love it when they get to be normal.  Camp Quality lets very sick children go to camp, and be normal kids for a week.  Garrett had not been able to go to school normally, or play sports, or even go to the store.  All the things he was able to do made both Blake and Jordan want to be a part of this camp in some way. They were both lifeguards, and after the first year they too couldn’t wait to go back the next year to help other children have the same wonderful experience.

We have one other child who is younger than Garrett , her name is Caroline and she can’t wait until she is old enough to volunteer.