These free programs will provide opportunities for fun and innovative experience; offer settings in which trained and caring volunteers are present as friends and confidants; and enhance widespread networks of public support, sensitivitiy, and understanding.


Our vision is that all children with cancer and their families find joy and hope through shared experiences and an ongoing support system.

Goals and Aims

The goals and aims of Camp Quality are:

    *To allow children with cancer to be children again.

    *To create stress free environments that offer exciting activities, foster new friendships, and help give children courage, motivation and emotional strength.

    *To give families of children with cancer a much needed rest, knowing that the highest quality program has been selected to keep their child happy, a companion has been assigned to ensure  their safety, and most importantly, the finest medical supervision will be provided at every camp.

    *To give the child hope for the future in that the camping experience will be such fun, they will look forward to and anticipate their next camp, and that the memories from their special week will sustain them in the weeks and months ahead as they continue their medical treatment.