Non-Profit Executive Director Position

To apply, email resumes to: 

Job Title: Camp Quality Texas Executive Director

Location: Within the state of Texas
Camp is located in Huntsville, TX

Salary: $10,000 a year with incentives based on performance

HR Contact: Sherri Scott 

Will Train Applicant: Yes

Travel Required: Yes. Travel will be required 15% of the time

Position Type: Part-time

Date Posted: 04/01/2017


Camp Quality is a 501(c)(3) organization that serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, including a week long summer camping experience, and companionship, at no cost. There are 15 Camp Quality locations in the U.S. 

The Camp Quality Texas week long summer camp is held each year at Forest Glen Camps, Huntsville, Texas. Next year, the Texas camp will be held July 16-22, 2017. Each year Camp Quality Texas holds a Reunion and a Spring Retreat. These year-round area activities occur at different locations around the state. Visit for more information. 

Camp Quality Texas is looking for an outstanding leader for the 2016-2017 season. The Executive Director assumes overall leadership of Camp Quality Texas including fundraising, marketing, volunteer recruitment and selection, and day-to-day operations. Executive Directors provide leadership and instructional supervision for volunteers, interact with families and community members, and are truly the face of Camp Quality Texas. The Executive Director also works closely with his or her Camp Organizing Committee and must be on site during the week of residential camp. This is a year-round, part-time position requiring planning and communication throughout the year with more extensive work hours during camp sessions and the weeks leading up to camp dates. 

Executive Director Role and Responsibilities:

Most Executive Directors have full time jobs during the year and commit to fulfilling the Executive Director role in addition to their full time job. The primary task of the Executive Director is to manage all aspects of the local camp business including safety, medical, liability, financial accountability, staffing, and personnel needs. The Director will serve a one year term appointed by the National CEO of Camp Quality USA, Incorporated. At all times, the Executive Director/General Manager should be focused on maintaining the integrity of Camp Quality USA, Inc. This position is a mandatory voting member of the Camp Organizing Committee.
  • Abides by and enforces all policies and guidelines
  • Carries out the purpose and goals of Camp Quality USA
  • Submits goals and gathers feedback to report to the National Committee and CEO for the Executive Director, Personnel Chair, and the Financial Chair
  • Creates and manages the yearly Camp Quality Texas budget and schedules and organizes fundraising events to meet this budget  
  • Insures that all information and forms are submitted to the National Committee according to the yearly schedule while complying with national committee regulations, standards, and guidelines
  • Insures compliance with confidentiality
  • Serves as a liaison with the National Committee
  • Deposits any funds received
  • Reports all incidents of child abuse to Child Protective Services, law enforcement and the CEO
  • Insures that the Camp Quality logo is protected and used only as authorized in the Style Guide by Camp Quality USA, Inc.
  • Helps build camper and volunteer enrollment at Camp Quality Texas
  • Builds relationships with other camps and the National committee, exchanging ideas, sharing resources, and building support networks
  • Attends scheduled weekend events including, but not limited to, the Fall and Spring family events, Camp Quality USA National Meeting, and Volunteer Trainin
  • Works with the Camp Director to ensure required roles are fulfilled
  • Encourages the volunteer staff to promote the local camp – seeking campers, volunteers, fundraisers and overall awareness
  • Selects and supervises Camp Organizing Committee members

Organize fund development activities: 

  • Develops and manage timelines for various fundraising activities to ensure strategic plans and critical fund raising processes are carried out in a timely manner
  • Prepares and submits grant applications as outlined in the fund development plan to generate funds for the organization
  • Oversees the planning and execution of special fundraising events as specified in the fund development plan to generate funds for the organization
  • Identifies and develop corporate, community and individual prospects for the organization's fundraising priorities
  • Oversees the development and administration of a donor mailing list and database which respects the privacy and confidentiality of donor information
  • Coordinates in-kind donations and make decisions regarding the issuing of receipts
  • Engages volunteers for special fund development projects using established volunteer management practices 

During Camp Season:

  • Responsible for meeting and complying with all state regulations licenses and laws related to camp matters 
  • Distributes and compiles evaluations from parents, children and volunteers and presents information to the COC
  • Works full-time preparing for camp the week before camp begins
  • Works full time for 1 week during Summer Camp. Campers arrive at Camp Quality Texas on the 3rd Monday of July with closing ceremonies being held on Saturday. Volunteers including the Executive Director are required to be present the Sunday before camp for set-up and ensure the campgrounds are clean at the conclusion of camp 

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • Demonstrated leadership experience with 3-5 years minimum experience
  • The ability to commit for a minimum of 1 year
  • Flexible, trustworthy, dependable, creative and positive; A leader who works well in teams, is performance-oriented, inspiring, energetic, organized, detail-oriented, communicative, fun-loving, a good role model to kids, and a good problem-solver 

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience with Quick Books Online
  • Experience with grant writing
  • Experience with non-profit organizations
  • Fundraising skills