Welcome to Camp Quality Kansas

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"Thank you Camp Quality Kansas. This goes out to everyone who had a stake in this adventure. There was an immense amount of work involved in this and I'm really thankful for it. For me, it was a profound experience. For a moment in time, we had our own little paradise community that took us back to the basics. It took us away from the constant cell phone and technology usage that so often disconnect us from the world right in front of us. We were able to share real conversations, meals, music, play time, and much more together. Back to the basics where 9-square, Uno, and feets up time are all it takes to put a big smile on your face. We learned a lot and gained new friendships. You don't need to go to a summer blockbuster to see a hero. Micah said it best, we had superheroes all around us. This wasn't some everyday occurrence and I can't begin to be grateful enough to have been a part of it. My words can't do the experience any justice but I did want to take a moment to appreciate it. Hope to see you all soon."

~ Dan, Camp Quality Volunteer



Our Mission. . .

Camp Quality serves children with cancer and their families by providing year-round programs, experiences, and companionship, at no cost. Camp Quality promotes hope and inspiration while helping children foster life skills and develop their full potential.

Our Approach . . .

Camp Quality has built its reputation on individual relationships. Every camper is paired with a companion who is dedicated completely to his or her care. Companions are the life-blood of Camp Quality; they are fun to be with, adventuresome, great listeners and are always sharing their love for life. Their primary responsibility is to make sure their camper has the most enjoyable, safe, relaxing and restoring experience possible. This relationship creates a bond that continues long after camp is over, and oftentimes for years to come.

We're not only active in the summer . . .

Camp Quality is a year-round opportunity for children with cancer and their families to meet new friends and share new experiences.