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Posted 1/29/18

Camp Quality Michigan - Executive Director

Position Summary

The primary task of the Executive Director is to manage all aspects Camp Quality Michigan and North and South camp’s business including safety, medical, liability, financial accountability, staffing, and personnel needs. The Director will be appointed by the National CEO of Camp Quality USA, Incorporated.

At all times, the Executive Director should be focused on maintaining the integrity of Camp Quality USA, Inc.

This position is a mandatory voting member of the Camp Organizing Committee.

Primary / Essential Functions

  • Abides by and enforce all policies and guidelines in the Administrative Policies and COC Manual, Healthcare Manual, Accounting Manual, and Volunteer Training Manuals, including but not limited to key activities described below.
  • Ensures that regular Camp Organizing Committee meetings are held and minutes recorded.
  • Selects and supervises COC members and ensure that each new COC member receives proper training for his or her responsibilities.
  • Manages financial responsibilities as outlined in the Accounting Manual for the local organization.
  • Ensures that all information and forms are submitted to National according to the yearly schedule.
  • Ensures that the Camp Quality logo is protected and used only as authorized in the Style Guide by Camp Quality USA, Inc.
  • Previous Camp Quality experience is preferred

Additional Responsibilities

  • Builds relationships with other camps and National, exchanging ideas, sharing resources, and building support networks.
  • Recognizes and develop leadership within the COC and among the camp volunteers, providing backup candidates for critical positions.
  • Encourages the volunteer staff to promote the local camp – seeking campers, volunteers, fundraisers and overall awareness.
  • Good organization skills
  • The ability to allocate sufficient time required to be successful, which will include participation and overnight travel to both camps (North and South) and various CQ fund raising events

Dear Family and Friends,

Camp Quality Michigan has been serving kids with cancer for 30 years. We are completely supported by contributions from individuals, corporations, service organizations, and foundations. Each and every donation directly benefits the children that participate in our FREE, YEAR-ROUND activities. 

Thanks to your support, we have heard countless comments like 'My child felt so normal at camp', 'I was not made fun of because of my cancer', 'Camp has helped me have confidence again'.

It costs approximately $800 to provide a week of camp for each child.

We appreciate your tax deductible donation:

1) Click on "Donate Now" and enter "Michigan" in the designation field to ensure funds are directed to Camp Quality Michigan.
2) Mail check payable to Camp Quality Michigan to PO Box 345, Boyne City, MI 49712

 If you have any inquiries concerning making a gift to Camp Quality Michigan, contact the Executive Director, Jean McDonough at mioffice@campqualityusa.org or (231) 582-2471.

Thank you for helping us to continue to provide the amazing support and experiences we have been honored to offer to these children and their families.

Camp Quality Michigan Management Team

With a Dose of Smile Therapy. . .

Camp Quality is a summer camping experience and year-round support program for children with cancer. Many difficult physical and emotional challenges face a child, and his or her family, when battling cancer. At our summer camps we have developed an important type of “therapy” . . . we like to call it Smile Therapy! With a laugh in their hearts and smiles on their faces, Camp Q. Kids find themselves capable of more than they may have dreamed possible.

We Laugh, Love, Lift-up . . .

Camp Quality has built its reputation on personalized care. Every camper is paired with a companion who is dedicated completely to his or her care. Companions are the life-blood of Camp Quality; they are fun to be with, adventuresome, great listeners and are always sharing their love for life. Their primary responsibility is to make sure their camper has the most enjoyable, safe, relaxing and restoring experience possible. This relationship creates a beautiful bond that continues long after camp is over, and oftentimes for years to come.

Normal Kids with Extraordinary Lives . . .

Surrounded by new friends that can relate, loving volunteers who care, and loads of fun experiences, Camp Quality campers find joy, new courage and renewed hope for the future. They are free to be themselves . . . free to be kids again.